Time for les vacances…

We had a wonderful and very important weekend, and are now preparing for a season of rest. Les vacances come along at about the right time for us and we are looking forward to stepping back a bit and seeing what we might do this summer. Of course, we wish to continue with (and perhaps expand) our spoken word events…and there is theatre in the offing as well. Some select music will also continue here, but our focus is shifting toward more literature and art than ever before. In a way, we have been set free in RL from some obligations that we truly enjoyed…but from which we were ready to step away. Time has its way of taking us where we need to go, and for this, we are truly grateful.

Speaking of gratitude…it is our most intense feeling regarding our Second Life™ experience in general – especially our beloved family sim, Starry Night Island and the beautiful Ce Soir Arts location at Ce Soir sim. We could hardly believe our fortune to find such sims already named, just as we would have them, and they continue to delight us and offer us opportunity for inspiration and expression.

Do join us on Tuesday – 02 May – for wonderful spoken word events with Poet Laureate Russell Eponym at NOON; with the lovely Caledonia Skytower (who just had a birthday!) with her fine, helpful and humourous friend GORAK the GOBBLER (with a new book coming soon!) at 1:30 PM; and with the excellent reader MrG Darkrose, who will continue to enchant us with tales from Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone!

Wednesday, Bryn Taleweaver will drop in at The Magic Tree at 1 PM to relate some treasured English Folktales (before he is off for an Italian vacation!), and the wonderful writer and reader Dubhna Rhiadra, who will regale us with a collection of fantastic poems and tales at 2 PM. You must come round to enjoy as we relax under the sweet spring canopy of The Magic Tree!

Don’t forget THURSDAY! Russell Eponym will be back with 90 minutes of outstanding music – his famous folk, blues, and beyond – for us to enjoy! Dress up or come-as-you-are! It’s always fun and always remarkably entertaining when Russell is on stage at  Château Ce Soir! If you’ve not heard him…do yourself a favour and come on over!

Look for more information about what’s happening…coming soon!

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