We’re going to party like it’s…2017!

Thursday night, it’s party time at Ce Soir Arts, and the castle is going to rock – and more!

It all starts at 2 PM SLT with the marvelous musical magic of Russell Eponym. His folk, blues, and beyond is known as some of the most enjoyable sounds around. Russell brings his inimitable finger-picking guitar (6- and 12-string) to provide the base over which his velvety voice will waft – punctuated from time-to-time with tuneful harmonica, banjo, and even the kazoo! You won’t want to miss his presentation of stunning original songs that are sheer poetry set to music OR his selection of covers from stellar artists like Bob Dylan, Loreena McKinnitt, Mark Knopfler (of Dire Straits fame), Simon & Garfunkel, and lots more. We enjoy his performance from beginning to end, and it’s 90 minutes of fun and serious music. He brings some historical folk tales set to sound as well, and his commentary (and the local chat!) is something we always enjoy. This is always an international audience, so come on over and join us!

And then…after a bit of a break, the night heats up with a trio of shows….

Photograph of the lovely Deja by Deja

As the sun sets (en Amérique), we gear up again in grand style with BAZ, who comes armed with his own incredible array of songs that showcase his outstanding talent as a musician, composer, and arranger. Gifted with a love of music that infuses his show with infectious enthusiasm, BAZ offers us an array of music from literally every genre, save outright classical; this is BAZFUSION – his own mix of ear-pleasing goodness. His easy-listening numbers are deeply satisfying as he envelopes the venue in atmospheres of sound. Love songs are played with tenderness that will make the girls (me included!) swoon, and his pop and be-bop is sooo much fun! He captures the spirit of songs written by others and imbues it all with his own sense of style. Beatles? Yeah, yeah, yeah! Steely Dan? You bet! Elton John? Nice, mate! Nora Jones? Smooth. I could go on, but you get the idea. Get yourself over to Château Ce Soir with your dancing shoes on – 5 o’clock, sharp!

After we’ve exercised our musical paces, we will be ready to ROCK with none other than the fantastic ANJ GUSTAFSON. He’ll be on tap right at 6 PM to take us on a trip through his musical garden of delights. Even though ANJ has been playing in Second Life™ for some time, now, his sets are always fresh and inviting. He’s always adding a new song, here or there, and making his exceptional instrumentation even more so. We know it’s ANJ on stage with that signature opening sound that draws a crowd of discerning listeners. His growing repertoire includes songs from well-known artists like Radiohead, Matchbox 20, Billy Idol, ELP, and plenty more – plus some very special original tunes that will, well, ROCK your world. One of those – Crystal Lake – is my special favourite, as it is a beautiful love song that is right up there with the very best. ANJ parlays his excellent talents with guitar, piano, and flute into a great combination of sounds to support his attention-getting vocals. His friendly banter and southern charm makes us smile, and you don’t want to miss a hot minute!

Wow. After all that…it’s time to CHILL OUT with some cool trance and ambient sounds with our favourite Australian musician, NUVOLINO. This bundle of talent and smooth energy will land at 7 PM SLT – light show already swirling in time to that insistent beat that will take us happily through the hour. This is the best house, ever. Every tune is NUVO at his best, written and performed with precision, every time. Some songs tell a story, whilst others simply make your body groove. The music is intense, but in an amazingly attractive way that fills the venue with a heady mix of calm and energy. You have to experience the NUVOLINO sound, and it’s just what the doctor ordered for a way to wind up – or down! It’s all up to you in how the music hits you, but you’re guaranteed to have a fantastic time on this particular magic carpet ride! To punctuate the sound with just a spark of additional flavour, NUVO runs the best light show in Second Life™. His use of light, form, and colour take the show into another dimension, as each beat is matched in a symphony of synchronicity. Come on over…and chill with us!

See you at Château Ce Soir! At landing, walk up the stairs in the castle to the second floor where the action is!

Château Ce Soir

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