The Annual Raglan Shire ArtWalk is Open!

We have always admired the work of the fine folks at Raglan Shire – and its related domains. Industrious, clever, warm and wonderful, Tinies rule! There is just something special about this family of residents: they’re fun and very generous in sharing their skills and talents across the grid. Case in point: we have had for several years, a couple of visits by the Raglan Shire Carrollers at Christmastide. Usually, this charming group comes and performs their sweet programme of Christmas music at The Magic Tree following The Poet Laureate and his reading as we celebrate the Christmas holidays. But this is just one of the many things these delightful friends do to enrich life for all of us during the year; they may be Tiny…but their impact truly is enormous.

Raglan Shire recently celebrated its 10th year in Second Life™ and this will be the 12th ArtWalk! This five-week-long event, which fills four of the eight sims with art of various types, features over 150 artists from around the world. The range of art displayed is immense, as you will find works of photography, painting, and sculpture; works will depict scence from both RL (the “real life”) and Second Life. The many artists range from those who are professional in both lives and amateurs just beginning their artists journey. All have something special to offer and a nice long stroll (or two or three!) around the sims is a sweet adventure. You must go over and enjoy this amazing representation of art from the denizens of SL! Just to be sure you know, there are also several live musical events, weekly games of various types, a poetry slam, and more to enjoy over this cherished event, which will be held now to 18 June.

You can access some links to the various sims and additional information from the leadership including founder Zayn Till at the official website of Raglan Shire. Check the Events link for a listing of special presentations of music and more. Note, please, that we know several artists who are participating including myself! Yes, some work from my very own Words & Pictures are on display at the Morning Shire sim. Five of my spring or summer-themed photographs from Second Life™ are shared there, and I am very pleased to be participating. I may take a run at the poetry slam too, as I have not shared poetry with these particular photographs. Even if I don’t read for the slam, you bet I’ll be in the audience to enjoy the show.

Mireille with photographs at Morning Shire sim for ArtWalk 2017

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