Sunday morning Chill with our friend, MoShang Zhao – the Comfort Zone really is the comfort zone…

Our excursions away from Ce Soir Arts continue this weekend, as we pop in-world to see how things are going at the BEACHES Art Exhibit at Côte de la Mer Galerie & Lawn. It’s busy there, with patrons dropping in to view the magnificent and refreshing art – often in response to notices we are posting now and again. It’s quite gratifying to meet up with people personally and to know that they are enjoying both the exhibit and the sim.

That aside, we have also been enjoying some grid travel to attend an array of artistic events this weekend. Today, we began with a dear friend and favourite musician – MoShang Zhao. He performed at Château Ce Soir for several years – right from the opening salvo in January 2012, along with Russell Eponym (our Poet Laureate, Artist-in-Residence, and Musician Extraordinaire). More about Russell in a bit…as he is performing music and poetry regarding women in the arts today at the lovely Silversword venue (1 PM SLT) – and we’ll be there too!

This morning, however, it was an hour of luscious CHILL with MoShang at his own venue – Comfort Zone. Timing got out of hand for him to continue weekly shows at our place (his usual was Thursday evenings), but he’s been making it in almost every Sunday morning at 8 AM SLT for a fantastic hour of the ever-evolving CHILL. Such fine electronica…it’s magical! Relaxing and energising at the same time, MoShang plays music that is original, unique and fascinating. Lately, Moondance Parx has been displaying her gorgeous particle art as we dance and sway to the music…making it an even more engaging experience! (More about Moondance soon at Ce Soir Arts…!)

MoShang CHILLS at The Comfort Zone

We so enjoyed the hour with MoShang and friends including MirrziLu, Douglas, and one of our artists presently sharing three pieces in the BEACHES exhibit: the talented Pieni. You must come view her lovely Seashore series! They are rich and ethereal pastels that please the eye – and spirit!

Don’t miss MoShang next week! Join his group – Chinese Chill Appreciation Club – to get the word! You will be so glad you did!

OK, folks. We’re off for a bit, but later today…more with Russell!

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