This week at Ce Soir Arts…

As the now-closed BEACHES Art Exhibit enriches our memories of summer and the grace of sunshine and shorelines, we enter the transition into autumn with joy. Even as we face challenges in the physical world including the forest fires and tropical storms happening now in the US – and other challenges, around the world – we celebrate the wonders of coming together here to enjoy beauty, friendship, and adventure.

This week, we have an emphasis on the spoken word at Ce Soir Arts. Do come join us at The Magic Tree for some marvelous readings – and more – from Poet Laureate Russell Eponym, MrG DarkroseÆon Woodford, Bryn Taleweaver, and Dubhna Rhiadra. Each one has a stellar set of readings to share, and we can’t wait to settle in and enjoy! Note that Caledonia Skytower is unable to share with us this week…but she will return on 19 September with more of her outstanding programming. In the meantime…

It will be an enjoyable week of poetry and prose with a variety of topics. From the lighthearted to the more deeply ponderous, we have quite a selection to share! We know you won’t want to miss any of it, and we are ready to welcome you! The Magic Tree is indeed one of our favourite places in Ce Soir Arts. It lends itself to all kinds of spoken word wonder…so do come along!

Of course, Russell will put a definitive wrap on the week on Thursday at Château Ce Soir…opening up a glorious weekend as the seasons change. Come along for the beautiful music and the warmth and fun we share! Russell is an outstanding musician in every sense of the word. His repertoire is rich and his presentation engaging. We hope to see you there!

The Magic Tree           Château Ce Soir

Come…be inspired tonight!

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