Can we name another post “Wow”?

Yesterday, we had quite an enthralling experience at Ce Soir. We knew to expect it, but…wow. Lisa Brune took the stage at 1 PM SLT and swept us completely off our feet with her stunning vocals and sensitive performance of every song. Breathy, soft and powerful, her voice must be heard, so – if you haven’t – get yourself to one of her concerts as soon as you can (her home venue is Tree of Lovers…). We are planning Lisa‘s return to Ce Soir, as we speak, so look for announced dates soon. This lovely woman will astound you with her song, her presence; her debut here was but the first of what we hope will be many concerts to come in this hall. The audience was deeply into the experience and the walls were singing. Need I say more? It was musical rapture, plain and simple. Brava, Lisa!

Then Christopher135 Quan sat at the piano and wove a fine web of musical magic. It was like turqoise silk – sheer and cool, dancing in the air above us, covering us in beauty. His choice of songs to sing is always spot on and each one is a sparkling gem. Whether it is a well-known ballad or a new song fresh from his heart, Christopher‘s music is always a joy to behold. Last night was no exception to the rule, and we were lifted up and turned every which way by his charm and soulful sound. Christopher will be with us on Valentine’s Day…so don’t miss the party!

You see, this is what it is all about: talent, passion, presence…the gift of grace in expression of emotion and thought, of hope and dream, of deep groundedness and high flight. We here at Ce Soir are focused on bringing you what we consider to be the best music, art, literature…and more. Tastes vary and make life rich and interesting, but there is something about each musician or artist, writer or dancer that we may invite to perform at Ce Soir; there is always that certain…je ne sais quoi that just slips past the reach of definition. Hmm…that idea reminds me of tomorrow at Ce Soir! (But more about that in the next post!)

We are very open to the developing artist, for indeed, all true artists are constantly developing, growing, reaching inside themselves and outside themselves to attain a deeper, higher, richer art. And how blessed we are to experience this process – as well as its results along the way. We view Ce Soir like a long path…one that has many twists and turns and little places for wandering off. Whilst the venue space itself has natural physical (digital though they may be) limits, what goes on here is free from bounds. Just think! Every time a note is sung, it is set free from the heart, mind, spirit, and soul of the singer. It getnly floats from their physical being – or is sometimes catapulted into the air with great power – to wrap around us, to find our ear, to enter into us and change us. Sometimes, it is laughter and delight that warms us. Sometimes, sadness and tears. And sometimes…sometimes…it is just, well, magic.

And the same is true of the visual and experiential art you see or hear or feel here – or anywhere, really. Although it adorns the walls of the Guest Gallery or makes itself known in any corner of Ce Soir, we don’t own any of it, for it cannot be possessed! Instead, it is like a soft summer butterfly or a tender flake of snow alighting on us for a moment, a precious moment. Sometimes a collection of colours and forms on a canvas or other matter shaped by the artist’s hand (including the flow of ink from the writer’s pen), true art is made from the blood of the artist – the heartbeat and breath of the person who painted, photographed, wrote, sang, danced, or formed the work with his or her own  hand, mind, eye. It is this art we seek and wish to share.

Come round to see us, and take your time here. Then, move on to the next space, the next place. But with new eyes and ears…


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