08 February: Karima Hoisan to read at 11 AM SLT and then…Russell and JordanReyne will delight us with song!

The dream of Ce Soir is in good hands. Music abounds here, art graces the walls of the Guest Gallery, and poetry rests upon us like grace. The inimitable Russell Eponym honoured us as our first poet to read here on Monday, and it was a lovely reading – a beautiful beginning for the wonders that lie ahead.

Poet Karima Hoisan

Now, we are quite excited to invite you to attend our next poetry reading! The gifted Karima Hoisan will bring her moving poetry to Ce Soir at 11 AM SLT on 08 February. Karima is a sensitive and expressive artist who employs an array of media with deftness; her machinima is lyrical, much as the poetry she pens. When she reads, her rich voice delivers each poem perfectly, and listeners are raised aloft on the music of it. She writes from various inspirations but for this reading, Karima will share poems inspired by some truly striking works of art that she also will display for each poem read. Do not miss this lovely reading, for the impact of the aural and the visual together is magnificent. If you’ve not heard Karima read, be prepared for something special. You will want to hear her again and again, and we plan that you will have ample opportunity right here, at The Magic Tree here at Ce Soir.

Russell Eponym

Then, at 1 PM SLT, Russell Eponym returns to delight us once more with his charm, wit, and lovely music. The Music Whisperer will serenade us with a set comprised of covers and original songs that are sure to enchant; indeed, it is his original music that is always the highlight of his performance. This 100%, completely unplugged music is what Russell calls “Folk, blues and beyond…” and it truly is. Historical stories set to music to contemporary tunes by the likes of Bob Dylan and Tracy Chapman are part of Russell’s easy mix and fit perfectly with his lovely original music. Come along for the fun and outstanding music as the Eponymous Family gathers and sings along at Ce Soir. It’s a friends and family affair, and you are definitely invited!

JordanReyne Deezul

JordanReyne Deezul is next at 2 PM SLT. An outstanding musician with many awards to her credit, this New Zealander is a favourite at Ce Soir. Her mix of dark electronica, folk noir, and industrial influences is mesmerising; indeed, metal-on-metal and other factory sounds are part of her musical landscape. Ethereal Celtic melodies sung in a captivating voice with an impressive, expressive range weave themselves over and through a rhythmic base of sound that will take your attention. Come experience JordanReyne as she fills the hour with musical magic. You can feel the audience respond at the opening notes of several of her most favoured pieces, and each song is a unique gem. Her understanding of the soial impact of the Industrial Revolution is clear – as is her musicianship. Industrial-folk at its finest is redefined by this inventive and talented artist; you’ll be looking for her name in the schedule after one performance. Join us!

Yes, it’s another “red-letter” day at Ce Soir. You don’t want to miss it! Whilst you’re here, join our Subscribe-O-Matic to keep up with what’s happening in our little corner of the grid. Of course, checking here works as well. Thank you for reading, for visiting Ce Soir and for supporting live music and the arts in SecondLife. We hope you are enjoying the dream of it all right along with us!

Please note: SecondLife is a registered trademark of Linden Labs. We are not formally affiliated with Linden Labs and no infringement of their rights is intended. Indeed, we are happy residents of SL and invite you to join us, if you’re not yet a resident. Visit http://secondlife.com to register and take on an avatar for free.

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