Just another manic Tuesday (??)

What can I say? We’ve got it goin’ on at Ce Soir, and last night was more proof positive! It all started………..

Gina Stella

Picture this: coming on 5 PM SLT and the grid is quiet. A few of us are standing around the venue, waiting for the dazzling Gina Stella to land on stage. We’re all busy, sending out notices, inviting friends to join us for an evening of music, checking our shoes and hair, and looking forward to the night’s festivities. And then, Gina‘s feet hit the floor and we’re off and running! As her voice fills the hall with those rich, sweet angelic tones, people start popping in, and soon we’re all dancing and having a great time! You can say that Gina is an angel, and you’d be right about that. You can say that she has a voice that won’t quit, and you’d be right about that too! But one of the most astounding things about Gina Stella in my book is her facility with music. This girl can – literally – sing anything! Give her a request and she’ll do it – sometimes even “winging it” if she doesn’t fully know the song…yet. Because she WILL know the song and she will amaze you with her first singing of it, right then and there. If it’s a song she likes, she will add it to that long, long song list of hers and learn it like there’s no tomorrow. I mean it, I think her song list is likely the longest one of any musician in SL! And it’s filled with beautiful songs from a range of genres that will astound you, because she can really sing every single one. This night was no exception. Her rendition of “Unchained Melody” was absolutely stunning, and we were all breathless as she sang. And as if that were not enough, she giggles and we all do! Great music, Gina! Fantastic show! And a good time was had by all!

Quantamis Navarathna

Up next, it was time for a bit of magic as Quantamis Navarathna stepped to the stage. Thus began that musical journey that we love to take! Deeply romantic with a bit of fantasy and a lot of charm, Quantamis‘ music is enchanting – and more!  A talented singer and songwriter, he brings us intricate acoustic guitar and a wonderful voice that draws us in as he tells his stories with beauty and a sweet elegance that is just perfect for the halls of Ce Soir. Indeed, the castle is never more a castle than when Quantamis is here. This is true, every show he does here…but tonight brought something special! Recently in the studio with former bandmates from The Lost Forest Band (and isn’t that a great name for a band?!!), Quantamis debuted some outstanding songs from an upcoming CD. Wow! He can take that electric guitar for a ride too! It was a fabulous set with several new songs (a rocker or two amongst them!)…and a lovely look into what we can expect from this wonderful musician, coming up: more magic with Quantamis!


How to follow that? Well…up next was someone new to the Ce Soir stage, but certainly not new to the SL music scene: none other than the outstanding and very popular AMFORTE Clarity! Wow, that was some set, AMFORTE! There’s nothing better than hearing an artist with a unique perspective, and AMFORTE certainly brings that to her music. She can sing RadioHead, Cranberries, and a whole host of covers that are very well-chosen to let her show off that outstanding voice and command of the guitar and piano. A true musician who is focused on learning and exploring her own talents, AMFORTE is a stunner. She has a great name, because her voice is indeed, strong and clear. She doesn’t miss a note – and she sings Adele better than anyone we’ve heard. Exceptional music, sensitively sung and played, with emotion and conviction! LOVE IT! She has a dedicated following and they’re all delightful too! Sounds like a win-win-win to me! Catch AMFORTE around the grid – and look for her to be back to Ce Soir very soon as well!

Anek Fuchs

Now. After all that wonderfulness, what could we possibly have up our sleeve? Hmmm. How about a little Guitar Therapy? Or…a LOT of Guitar Therapy? Well, that’s just what we had next. Guitar master, Anek Fuchs took the stage and – in a flash – the place was ON FIRE! Transfixed, I was, on that transcendent guitar music, that swoonalicious voice (yes, I said “swoonalicious”!), those incredible songs! Anek doesn’t waste a moment, and just dives right in! It really is therapy, for the only way out is through – and we don’t want to miss a curve or a nuance. BIG MUSIC, this. And not to be missed, we gathered round to be awed and rocked and, well, transported! At one point, I said in local something to the effect that Mireille has been transported to another dimension. Anek‘s response: “That other dimension you speak of? I LIVE THERE.” Oh, yes, he does! And how generous of him to let us visit! For TWO HOURS! It was really something! Anek is one who knows and cares for his audience. His interaction with those who gather is genuine and in-the-moment. Quantamis is – like the rest of us – a big Anek fan, and he has a fave song or two. As the crescendo of the night began to wind down a bit, Anek played a song dedicated to Quantamis…and we all loved it! No matter what song Anek is playing (instrumental or vocal), it’s an experience, but “For the Love of God” is just soooo good in his hands. Thank you, Anek! Awesome, as always!

Just as we switched the stream back to some calmer dance music, Aeon (who had to be late coming in tonight, darn it!) and I lost the internet! We think that’s what happened to Anek for a few moments, earlier in the evening. He came right back – thank goodness – and so did we. Well, I did! Aeon was exhausted from a day of local travel and appointments, as well as very satisfied with the wonderful music of the evening, so he collapsed (grinning!) on the sofa in the den and relaxed. I had some things to tend to, so came back in to do so. A very nice ending to a very wonderful day: sweet dreams!

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