CHICAGO JAM – LIVE at Ce Soir – by live video stream all weekend!

Chicago Jam is underway and the LIVE video stream is playing 24 hours through the weekend at Ce Soir and other venues around the grid. Thanks to event organiser, Anek Fuchs, we have very high-quality video streaming, and whenever they play, we can see and hear them! Come along and enjoy hearing and seeing some of your favourite SL musicians jamming together – LIVE and in-person! Just a few who are there: Anek Fuchs, Gina Stella, Blueron Clyburn, Sassy Nitely, Eric Steffensen, Juel Resistance…! When they play and sing, we hear and see them What fun!

Just hop one of the SLurls below and have your MEDIA STREAM running!

Ce Soir     SLURL:


Key west     SLURL:

The Source     SLURL:

Gwampas Dance Camp     SLURL:

Dark Harlequin     SLURL:

The Peg Leg     SLURL:

Fire N Ice     SLURL:

As I write this, it’s Saturday morning and there is MUSIC filling the halls of Ce Soir – direct and LIVE from Chicago! Don’t miss it!

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