Dragonfly Enters Phase 2 with Amplification CD Project

Aeon and I recently had the pleasure of hearing from friend, Joel Eilde (otherwise known as DRAGONFLY), the guy who brings a whole band into SL on his own and who is happily putting the finishing touches on a brand-new CD called AMPLIFICATION. He’s had quite a project going, with a successful Indiegogo campaign to raise funds for the recording, etc., and with the recording and mixing and all that goes with it, to boot. A second Indiegogo campaign is soon to close – but more on that in a moment.

For some time, DRAGONFLY played every-other-Sunday-night at Ce Soir, on the same bill as the one-and-only TwinGhost Ronas. Those two are a great side-by-side, as they’re both really great musicians with innovative and leading-edge sounds. They might be different in many ways, but their musicianship and true love of music make them a perfect pairing in our minds. Besides, we simply love their music and its truly decadent and delicious to hear them, back-to-back. With the upcoming release of AMPLIFICATION slated for January 2013, we’re hoping Joel can return to the Ce Soir stage once more. We’ll be ready!

We got a very nice taste of what’s been going on with the project that night on Vimeo, and we hope you’ll all pop over there to see what’s going on. I wanted to leave a message on one of the videos, but Vimeo was down for a bit last night and it seems their verification system had a bit o’ lag – SL style – so the email never came. But never fear, I’ll try again, for I’ve got something to say: BRAVO!

Pop on over to the Indiegogo site for last-minute donations to the Phase 2 part of the project: http://www.indiegogo.com/amplification2/. Your support will make a difference in helping to bring this fresh and very cool music to the world! Oh…and don’t forget Ping, DRAGONFLY‘s little logo buddy. (Don’t tell anyone, but Bijou – our little Siamese – seems to have a bit of a crush on one Mr. Ping!)

DRAGONFLY's Logo - Ping the Cat
DRAGONFLY’s Logo      Ping the Cat

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