Three great days in a row for the US: National Day of Service, Inauguration Day, Dr. Martin Luther King Day

Saturday was the National Day of Service in the US. I’m sorry to report on it late, but I imagine that many of you who live in the US are already aware of this great opportunity – and that many of you have taken part. If you did, thank you! If not…well, there’s always next year (and many opportunities in between). Service is a wonderful thing. Each person has certain gifts and attributes – strengths and interests – that can be shared with others who can benefit. Opportunities abound – no matter where you live and no matter what you have to offer. From the work you do every day to special events like helping raise a home for organisations such as Habitat for Humanity – to the courtesy you share with the busy cashier at the market to the smile you offer the people you meet – each makes a difference for someone. Let’s pledge to keep those good things going in both SL and RL and plan to keep up with current volunteer efforts (or to find some) this year. (See an earlier post about excellent causes and related events in SL.) Everyone will benefit, so thank you for all you do!

Today is 20 January, the Official Inauguration of the 44th President of the United States. Barack Obama, who will be serving his second term in office, has taken his oath today. No matter one’s politics, the Inauguration of a President is an important day in history for everyone. While the public swearing in of the President and the Vice President (Joe Biden) will take place tomorrow, the official service took place today. Always held on the 20th day of January, this event is celebrated around the world. I hope you have enjoyed the day and have joined everyone in congratulating the President and Vice President – and that you are looking to the future with hope and commitment, not only in America but also around the world.

Tomorrow, in addition to being the day of the public ceremonies surrounding the inauguration of the American President, is the US federal holiday celebrating the life and work of Dr. Martin Luther King. Services and events will be held across the US to commemorate Dr. King and pay respects to his memory. If you live in the US, check your local paper for events such as church services, speeches, and other public gatherings. Enjoy the holiday and remember the legacy of Dr. King which is a legacy of more than equality across the races but of kindness and respect for everyone.

NOTE: The African American Museum at Brotherly Love City will host an informational art exhibit and discussion – Martin Luther King Remembered: Film and Discussion – on 22 January at 2 PM SLT. Do go and enjoy the exhibit and learn from the film and discussion. Host Roz Azalee will welcome you! Here is the SLurl:

We hope you are enjoying the holiday weekend and can join us for some great art and music this week at Ce Soir Arts. Check the next post for details!

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