Schedules at Ce Soir

Ce Soir Schedule_001Things are changing at Ce Soir – something we have mentioned often over the last several months as other commitments began to call on us. Our focus is shifting a bit and some RL involvements have – at least temporarily – somewhat limited our schedule. This is life! Change is an element we all must accept, and when we welcome it or even design it ourselves, we can benefit from it and share that benefit with others.

This week, our schedule is light, but filled with outstanding art, poetry and unforgettable music. The schedule is noted at left, so review and then come enjoy when you can; you will always be welcome!

There are many wonderful galleries, poetry and writing enclaves, and many outstanding live music venues in SL, and we cherish your visits with us, even as we encourage you to discover them all, knowing that you will find so much to enjoy across the grid. Look for some reportage about that in coming times. It’s going to be fun to explore and share. Can’t wait!

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