Tuesday. Who knew it could be this much fun??

Tuesday has never been a stand-out day for me. In general, isn’t it just the day that comes after Monday and before Wednesday? It seems rather boring (and that’s saying something for me, who is almost never-ever-never bored!), especially in SL. Just another Tuesday. Ho. Hum.

Other than always looking forward to (and completely enjoying!) poetry and music with the inimitable RUSSELL EPONYM, Tuesday (except for any evening shows we might have planned) has seemed rather run-of-the-mill in SL too. So what was so special about this Tuesday? Well…

Winter Moods at Ce Soir Arts - Xirana 2It started out with preparing for the opening (WEDNESDAY at 11 AM SLT) of the “Winter Moods” (and more!) exhibit of our new Guest Artist, the wonderful Xirana Oximoxi. Putting some last touches on the place and sending out some early notices kept me busy most of the morning, and it was such an enjoyable time. Ce Soir was quiet…until the notices went out! Then, within the hour, more than a dozen or so had dropped in to see Xirana‘s beautiful work. I got to speak with several of them, and they all reported enjoying the exhibit; one was a long-time art collector in SL who owns several of Xirana‘s works – and now a few more to enjoy!

Russell dropped by, in preparation for the opening; it’s always a pleasure to chat with him – and to plan interesting and exceptional shows and presentations. He is the consummate artist – and Renaissance man extraordinaire – and we feel grateful indeed that he is part of so much at Ce Soir. First to bring music and first to bring poetry to Ce Soir, Russell continues to amaze us with his talents and acumen. His Eponymous Family is such a spirited group, and it’s easy to see why, with Russell at the helm! Do come see him at Xirana‘s opening – and again on Thursday at his usual time of 2 PM SLT for folk, blues, and beyond!

Russell Reading at The Magic Tree
Russell Reading at The Magic Tree

Russell‘s reading today was exceptional, as he read from his memoirs and shared some poetry that is special to him. Such touching – and quite humourous! – tales he tells from his simply amazing life. And then, he picks up the guitar and serenades us too! Today, we enjoyed some of his recordings of favourite songs; included were those recorded with other artists like Mel Cheeky, whose lovely voice so beautifully complemented Russell‘s own. To say that we had a lovely time would be an understatement indeed, as Russell always enchants us at The Magic Tree!

THEN…we were whisked away to enjoy an absolutely glorious birthday party for none other than the lovely Marble at The Portland Family of Venues. Tigger O’Hare kindly got Aeon (who had just that moment arrived home after being stuck in the big-city traffic for two hours!) and myself there – and just in time to catch the last 15 minutes of Tukso Okey‘s awesome set! It was a great crowd, filled with people having come to fete Marb‘s RL birthday and wish her well. Quite a celebration, there had been others performing before Tukso…with one beautiful surprise after, up at J4ck and Lisa‘s Tree of Lovers venue! That’s right, none other than the stunning Lisa Brune took the stage and WOWed us for the next hour. Such lively banter amongst the crowd! Let’s just say that a good time was had by all! HAPPY BIRTHDAY, MARB! Woots!

Quantamis Navarathna
Quantamis Navarathna

After a short break, it was time to throw open the castle for a visit from the very talented singer-songwriter-guitarist Quantamis Navarathna, who arrived to enthrall us with sweet musical tales of mystery and love – and some very rockin’ electric guitar too! Talk about versatility! Quantamis has it all! He’s just perfect for Ce Soir, with that medieval theme. How amazing that he can morph it with a modern touch, and then bring it back again. Amazing work, Quantamis! Lyrics and music perfectly entwined….

Gina Stella
Gina Stella

Up next was the delightful Gina Stella, whose vocals are just angelic – but with an edge that you just can’t get out of your head. She was spot-on it last night, and her set was filled with such great songs! She’s one who can respond to requests – even if they’re songs she’s not sung before. Wow! That takes talent! Last night, Gina responded to Aeon‘s request for a little Motown with a string of outstanding songs that got our mojo working! It was great, and we all enjoyed the time together, dancing and giggling with Gina!

Therese NightfireTo wrap up the night with elegance, the lovely and sweetly-voiced Therese Nightfire graced the stage. We were in for an hour of deeply jazzy love songs and bluesy numbers that rattled the roof and had us dancing. Therese has been on a professional career junket of late, and we’ve all missed her. How nice to have her in at Ce Soir again! The news from her trip to LA was very good indeed, as she is working with a label now, and we can anticipate some very special recordings from Therese IRL soon! Exciting, Therese!

So now, we move into Wednesday, a day devoted to Xirana and her beautiful art. Do come enjoy her work at both The Ce Soir Arts Guest Gallery and  The Conservatory at Ce Soir. Join us for Russell‘s show at The Conservatory at 11 AM SLT. It will be a very special time to enjoy!

The Conservatory at Ce SoirWinter Wonderland!
The Conservatory at Ce Soir
Winter Wonderland!

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