Farewell to Donna Flora…

I encountered the work of Donna Flora at her shoppe some time ago. Having gone there to explore her beautiful jewelry after seeing some worn by a friend, I approached the location with one goal in mind: to find some exquisite jewelry of my very own. As I landed and things rezzed in, I could see a courtyard ahead of me, and there – arrayed so elegantly – were five lovely dresses. The exceptional creator was having a celebration for one of my all-time favourite fashion mainstays: the little black dress.

So taken by the display, I remained in that spot for several minutes, simply enjoying the lovely dresses and the jewelry that adorned them. I purchased three of the dresses right away, and actually ended up with all five! If you know me, you knew that would happen and are not at all surprised. I am an inveterate shopper – a connoissieuse of all things beautiful, especially if they are designed to adorn moi.

When word came of Giulia’s continuing illness – and especially recently when Cajsa Lilliehook and friends banned together to form a fantastic shopping event called Love Donna Flora – I wanted to do something to support and encourage Squinternet. Like many, I shopped the event, which was very well-done and offered many lovely items from some of SL’s finest creators. Not alone, I also returned to the Donna Flora Mainstore to shop, and the array of Squinternet‘s work just stunned me; I bought a special set and photographed myself wearing it for the flickr group Cajsa had set up. It was a lovely idea for Giulia to see her work displayed in so many ways by so many happy customers and admirers.

Soon, though, word came of Giulia’s death. She had been very ill for a long time, but as her friend Cajsa said, she did not succumb to the cancer; indeed, I think her strong spirit lives on and will beautify SL for a very long time to come – and not just with the jewels that remain. Whether her friends can keep her shoppe open for long – well, only time will tell what’s possible. But in any event, we can all continue to celebrate the contributions and spirit of this lovely woman who had many talents including singing. Had we known of her vocal talents, we might have asked her to perform, but she kept this quiet until recently making some videos for YouTube. Access What a Wonderful World at the Love Donna Flora Blog.

A memorial of some kind will be held, but information has not been released yet. Until then, I offer my farewell to this lovely creator who will be sorely missed by her friends and all who admired her work.

Farewell, dear one...

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