Wonderful new exhibit at The Gallery and The Conservatory at Ce Soir Arts: Abstract Art by Mathilde Vhargon

We are very pleased to present the work of artist Mathilde Vhargon at Ce Soir Arts. Exploring the power and grace of colour and line as well as many other aspects of abstract expression on canvas, Mathilde offers striking works that impart energy and spirit. As a professional classical musician, the artist brings a sense of rhythm to her work and a tonal quality that is both inviting and compelling. Most of Mathilde’s works spring to life and develop over time; you will enjoy taking time with them now.

At The Gallery at Ce Soir Arts on the main level and at The Conservatory at Ce Soir Arts above the venue space, the array of pieces she has chosen for this exhibit will captivate you. At The Gallery at Ce Soir Arts, Mathilde’s exhibit is drawn from several of her collections. These are quiet pieces, their voices echoing in soft melodies, filling the space with light and song. Works such as Seeking Definition, an almost icy piece in gradations of grey richly layered, and End of Dreams, a deftly drawn visage appointed in rich lavenders and yellows both please the eye and touch the spirit. At The Conservatory, Mathilde has chosen an array of more vibrantly hued pieces created in bright colours with strong images that move as in a dance.

The leaf that is Mathilde’s signature finds a home in each piece, whether fully visible as an element of the whole or seeming to float through the space of each work. The leaf can mean many things and Mathilde allows the viewer to interpret as they experience her art.

Abstract art is journey; some works tell a story while others offer succinct statements; some open slowly while others have instantaneous impact, but all invite exploration and you will enjoy as you discover its depths. Many aspects of this exhibit make it striking, but the balance of its presentation is exceptional. We invite you to step into Mathilde Vhargon’s world of art and feel the flow of her inspirations.

SLurls: The Gallery at Ce Soir Arts and The Conservatory at Ce Soir Arts

Visit Mathilde’s online presence at Mathilde Vhargon Galleries. From there, link to her work at Fine Art America. Purchase digital copies at Ce Soir Arts or Mathilde’s other SecondLIfe exhibits for your in-world collection or visit her site for RL prints for your home or office.

Come! Be inspired…tonight!

Mathilde Vhargon - The Gallery at Ce Soir - through November
Mathilde Vhargon – The Gallery at Ce Soir Arts – through November
Mathilde Vhargon - The Conservatory at Ce Soir - through November
Mathilde Vhargon – The Conservatory at Ce Soir Arts – through November

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