Celebrating the Spoken Word at Ce Soir Arts…

There’s always something happening at  Ce Soir Arts, but we’re particularly pleased to announce new additions to our regular schedule…and a slate of special events coming up. First, a review of what’s happening now at The Magic Tree. Lovers of literature and art, Æon and I determined from the outset, that there would always be presentations of such expressions at Ce Soir Arts. The Magic Tree and Dover Beach Theatre offer various opportunities. From plays and other theatrical productions to readings and dramatic presentations, we enjoy these at Ce Soir Arts and look forward to additional programmes this year. More information to come soon, so do check back!

Poet Laureate Russell Eponym
Poet Laureate Russell Eponym

As you know, poetry and other readings are a central part of our schedule, with Poet Laureate Russell Eponym reading at The Magic Tree each Tuesday at Noon (1PM when he is in Australia)  since we opened in January 2012.  To say that Russell, who generally streams live from Wales, is a premier talent would be a dire understatement. His gifts in the arts are legendary, and he recently celebrated – with a grand party at Chateau Ce Soir – his 10th Rez Day. Through these years, the hours of enrichment and enjoyment he has shared with residents from around the world are almost too many to count, and we look forward to many more ahead. These will include more delightful readings and Thoughts for the Day at The Magic Tree and more 90-minute songfests at Chateau Ce Soir featuring an array of specially-chosen covers by various artists and his own outstanding compositions on Thursdays at 2 PM.

Moon & Eala at The Magic Tree
Moon & Eala at The Magic Tree

The lovely poet Eala Du and fellow British writer Moon Aerandir joined us for regular readings last year. We have enjoyed many hours of enchantment under The Magic Tree , enraptured by the lush and beautiful words they have penned. Poems of love and life, wrapped in mists of fantasy and dreams fill our ears – and our hearts – every-other Tuesday at 3PM SLT.

Caledonia Skytower at The Magic Tree
Caledonia Skytower at The Magic Tree

More recently, the wonderful writer Caledonia Skytower has joined us for readings of her original stories on variable schedule at The Magic Tree.  From airy tales of wonder to deftly-crafted stories of adventure and learning, Cale‘s readings are rich with imagery and characters you can’t forget. Often set in the Emerald Isle, her narratives touch the heart and enliven the spirit. Her next scheduled date is 15th March at 3 PM SLT. Watch the schedule for that and other opportunities coming up, and join us! 

Storyteller Dubhna Rhiadra
Storyteller Dubhna Rhiadra

Even more recently, the well-known storyteller Dubhna Rhiadra has graced The Magic Tree Reading Spot with compelling prose from selected writers including her own luminous works. Her next scheduled date is 09 March, and we can’t wait to welcome her and enjoy wherever the readings might take us! Lifting the layers of stories by exquisite reading, Dubhna invites us in to explore and enjoy her own brand of literary magic.

We hope to see you at one or more of these readings. You will always be welcome to join us. All events are posted on SL Search and at our Schedule Boards at the sim; check back here at the blog as well for updates. We’d love to share with you!

Pssst! There are some new events coming up at Ce Soir Arts including ongoing and new art exhibits (check below for details about the FROM THE HEART Art Exhibit, currently open at both of the Ce Soir Arts galleries). Fresh musical shows are in the offing (see a new post that will be available soon), as well as three other special events at Dover Beach Theatre. You won’t want to miss a  moment!

Come…be inspired tonight!

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