Tales of Wildlife – including a powerful reading from Kipling – with Bryn Taleweaver at The Magic Tree…

It was a lovely day at The Magic Tree yesterday when Noon rolled around.  Æon and I settled in, for we knew that Bryn Taleweaver was on his way and that he had some intriguing tales of animals from the wild to share. As others gathered, the interest grew and Bryn certainly did not disappoint. In fact, the reading was deeply engaging and included a range of stories about some of the most fascinating of creatures including the noble wolf – a beloved and oft-feared animal of elegance and strength.

BRYN TALEWEAVER Tells Tales of Wildlife & Beauty at The Magic Tree
BRYN TALEWEAVER Tells Tales of Wildlife & Beauty at The Magic Tree
Beautiful, powerful wolves!
Beautiful, powerful wolves!

Bryn chose tales from varying cultures, a practice which lends insight to all who hear. His inclusion of a story from an American Indian tradition was absolutely fascinating, and when he read a beautiful and riveting excerpt from Rudyard Kipling’s cherished The Jungle Book, Bryn had us on the edges of our seats in rapt attention. To say that we enjoyed it would be a terrible understatement, and we cannot wait to hear more on this topic – and others – from this outstanding reader who both provides his own tales as well as selected passages from many well-known authors such as Kipling.

Bryn will return to The Magic Tree at 2 PM on 15th June – and we find ourselves wishing it were much sooner! However, we will enjoy the anticipation of his next visit, during which he will regale us with tales rich in imagery and imagination. The topic? A bit of fright called “Ghosts and Demons” will keep us transfixed for the hour. We’ll see you then!

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