THURSDAY – Three hours of outstanding music! From folk, blues & beyond to driving-beat trance and cool electronica…

Thursday is always a treat at Château Ce Soir. People gather from all over the metaverse to hear some of the best music on the grid. Tonight will be no exception, and we hope you’ll join us. Check the lineup below – and wear your dancing shoes!

RUSSELL - 16 June 20162 PM SLT: RUSSELL EPONYM with Folk, Blues, and Beyond!       Russell, streaming live from Wales, delights with musical folktales and his own compositions. He is master of acoustic finger-style guitar and he pens exceptional lyrics that tell a story or touch the heart. When he sings the songs of others, he chooses carefully to ensure that the tune suits his voice and playing style; he always selects perfectly, and we enjoy his renditions of numbers by Bob Dylan, Donovan, and Mark Knopfler, to name a few of the stellar musicians whose music populates his repertoire. Russell is truly an exceptional musician with a range of talents that bring people together. His velvety voice is compelling as the music fills the castle with magic…so come along and enjoy with us this 90-minute show!

NUVOLINO rig6 PM SLT: NUVOLINO – riveting trance and cool electronica!    This musical wizard streams live from Australia, and his sound is innovative and uber-cool. The driving beat of trance gets us dancing and the LIGHT SHOW is incredible! We get lost in the groove and find ourselves dancing amid streaming particles and swirling colours that pulse in time to the music. Nuvolino writes all his own music and records in his own studio, then brings his own inimitable banter along to lift us higher on the wave his music creates. It’s quite an experience…and you don’t want to miss it! Nuvolino is here twice a month, so make plans now to be here this week – and in weeks to come!

MOSHANG 1a7 PM SLT: MOSHANG ZHAO delivers the CHILL!                             Truly an international favourite, MoShang streams live from Taiwan to bring us his inimitable smooth sonic joy, the CHILL. This unique and captivating blend of downbeat electronica with a deep musical history and an eye to the future offers layers of energising atmospheres that also soothe the spirit. His show is always a perfect wrap to the day – but can also help you start the day with a calm little zing! I like to call it an elegant slide into the night…or day. So, come on over and catch MoShang – intelligent banter and ultra-cool music. Who could ask for anything more?

Chateau 0216See you…HERE!



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