Come exploring! Wildstar Beaumont’s SAILING Exhibit Open at Côte de la Mer Galerie & Lawn in Ce Soir Arts – through August…

Wildstar Beaumont. Almost every resident knows his name, and his photographs can be seen gracing many a profile and some of the more prestigious Second Life-related programme websites. He is the official photographer for Relay for Life of SL (RFL of SL), capturing moments both poignant and beautiful as Second Life residents respond to the fight to find a cure for cancer. His work with Designing Worlds is legendary, as he has provided photographic and video support for this iconic and enduring Second Life television programme; truly, he can photograph striking SL landscapes and engaging SL residents and their creations with equal skill. His blog, Wild Words, is a compendium of articles and photographs exploring SL, and is not-to-be-missed. Hosting his own gallery – Bright Star Gallery in the lovely sim, Winterfell Wildstar creates beautiful images of his wonderful Steamlands home. Here, he engages in one of his passions: Sailing. He has captured his perspective for us beautifully in this long-anticipated exhibit.

Wildstar - Sailing 4 - square

Having come into SL in 2007, Wildstar calls himself an “Explorer of virtual worlds by land and sea, privateer, fleet captain, lover of literary and music events and photographer.” Indeed, he is all of that and more, and we are honoured at Ce Soir Arts to host his gorgeous photographs. Wildstar has – in his inimitable style – captured for us some spectacular views of the beautiful sailing vessels that glide the waters in SL. From stately tall ships, majestic in relief on shining seas lit afire by blazing sunsets – to lone skiffs moored near rocky shores – to grand lighthouses providing a beacon of hope to all seafaring adventurers – Wildstar showcases the maritime beauty of SL like no other.

Come relax and enjoy this striking seafaring exhibit at Côte de la Mer Galerie & Lawn in Ce Soir Arts – open through August. Take your time to take in these nautical photographic gems, and please leave a note for the artist in the Gallery Guest Book. Explore the artistic vision of Wildstar Beaumont – and be inspired tonight!

Your vessel will speed you cross the ocean to Côte de la Mer Galerie & Lawn.

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