“The Unicorn Tapestries” with ACT – what a beautiful event!

We enjoy artistry in its various permutations and SecondLife™ offers us numerous opportunities to see and experience many forms of artistic expression – for both education and entertainment. Today, we were charmed by another presentation by the excellent company of Avilion Cameo Theatre. This group of builders, actors, writers, musicians, and dancers come together in their work and provide many hours of enjoyment and enrichment at their own sims and across the grid.

We at Ce Soir Arts have been privileged to host this company twice now, and each time has been a delight. The production of The Unicorn Tapestries today was simply lovely. From the staging to the acting, everything was well-done and the presentation was seamless. I was enthralled and had to remind myself to take these photos. I’m glad I did remind myself, for now, we have these to enjoy!

Photos from The Unicorn Tapestries by ACT
                                  Photos from The Unicorn Tapestries by ACT – 25 September at Ce Soir Arts

Whilst the company will be back to perform another of their fine works at Ce Soir Arts, please visit Avilion and enjoy the loveliness of the sims and learn more about their artistry. Check the Avilion Arts website for more details regarding Avilion Cameo Theatre, Avilion Bards, the MerBallet and many other offerings of this company; the sim offers excellent opportunities for medieval roleplay as well, and you are invited to learn more HERE.

Our thanks to the whole company, but especially friends Bajoy (Dramaturge) and Moon Aerandir (Bard of Avilion). Do see earlier postings for more information – and look for future postings as well.

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