Happy Birthday, Æon! After-party update!

UPDATE (12 June):

Wow! That was a fun birthday party! First, Æon was in high form, and the guests were outstanding – most of whom were appropriately attired for a remake of Beach Blanket Bingo (a film from the 60s, I think…)! And…not to mention BAZ and his fantastic take on beach party music! He hit the best of the best, an eclectic mix of happy music with his own arrangements and musical verve. We should have all been hanging ten out on the water…and I’m going to see what I can do about that for the next beach extravaganza. Stay tuned!

Have a look at the FUN:

Beach Revelers
BAZ Rockin’ on the Beach

We can’t wait to do this again…so look for more beach parties coming up!


A Saturday birthday is a special one, as the weekend offers lots of time for relaxation and chosen activities. This is especially true for us in early summer, as we’re already on les vacances…and it’s joyeux anniversaire to Æon himself, the King of the castle! To celebrate this RL birthday, we’re going to have a fun weekend – a special dinner on Friday, a relaxing Saturday morning at the spa (mimosas in hand!), and some SL fun with an hour of music and dancing with our friend Baz at Ce Soir Arts. We’re going to go out on the beach for the festivities, and we hope you’ll join us for some summertime fun at 1 PM.

Baz makes fantastic music that is supremely danceable. If you’re looking for a truly good time, come on over for an hour of excellent and very beachy music. We’ll be happy to see you! No gifts, please – just bring yourself, your smile and your dancing shoes!

Baz doing what he does best: making music!

Land at Château Ce Soir and follow the crowd down to the beach. (Here’s a little extra help: CLICK HERE!) We’ll see you there!

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