Awakenings Art Exhibit Opening Thursday!

Awakenings CelebrationThe Spring Awakenings Art Exhibit opens this Thursday at Ce Soir Arts, and we have quite a party in store! Russell kicks off the party at 2 PM and then…well see the notes above and below for details – and do plan to join us!


Château Ce Soir          The Ruins at Ce Soir Arts

We have stunning spring awakenings art from a range of outstanding artists, and it’s all over the region for your enjoyment! There are announcement stones at each gallery and location that note the artists exhibiting. Click those signs for Artist Statements and Biographies that will enhance your enjoyment of these exceptional works. The theme has been followed from various interesting perspectives.

As you wander about in the beautiful spring environment, ask yourself the questions these artists have answered in their work: “What inspires you, moves your spirit, broadens your horizons? What frees you of winter doldrums, those things that hold you back in darker times? Ask yourself…hear your own answer in your own voice. What does it whisper to you…or shout?”

Enjoy the work of (in alphabetical order by first name): Ǣon Woodford, Amy Inawe, CybeleMoon, Daze Landar, Fae Varriale, Isabel Hermano, Jojo Songlark, Jolie Parfort, JudiLynn, Mathilde Vhargon, Michael Romani, Mireille Jenvieve, paula cloudpainter, Pieni, Rage Darkstone, Randy Firebrand, Russell Eponym, Secret Rage, Silas Merlin, TaraAers, Terra Merhyem, Virginia, Xanthe, and Xirana Oximoxi. More information about each one of these creatives coming soon!

Come…be inspired tonight!

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